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Marriage & Domestic Partner Ceremonies - San Diego County

Our Minister, ordained by the Universal Life Church enjoys every commitment ceremony he has performed. 

"Never is there so much love in one place as when two people look each other in the eyes and commit to one another forever."

With the date set and the wedding bells ringing in the distance,  The Reverend makes the process a whole lot easier.  Starting with your vows and personal touches, our script takes the stress out by corresponding via phone, email or text which allows you to focus on the many other details and decision that need to be made.

Whether it is a beach ceremony or backyard gathering, Reverend Dan fills the room with love and joy as he recites your commitment to you and your partner just as you have dictated. 

Now the not so exciting part:

California's Domestic Partnerships rights and responsibilities can be found at the California Family Law code Section 297.5(a) .

In summary of requirements for domestic partnership eligibility

  • Both persons have a common residence
  • Neither person may be married to someone else or a member of another domestic partnership.
  • Neither person is married to someone else or is a member of another domestic partnership with someone else that has not been terminated, dissolved, or adjudged a nullity.
  • The two persons are not related by blood in a way that would prevent them from being married to each other in this state.
  • Both persons are at least 18 years of age.
  • Same-sex couples that are 18 or older or opposite-sex couples who are 62+
  • Duel financial responsibility

When you are sure of your responsibilities as a registered domestic partner, one of your first visits should be to the California Secretary of State's website for Domestic Partners Registry for further instructions.

There are fees involved with filing your Declaration of Domestic Partnership (Form NP/SF DP-1) :

  • Filing fee for the Declaration of Domestic Partnership is $10.00
  • Same Sex Partners, Family Code section 298 requires that an additional $23.00 fee be paid for the development and support a training curriculum specific to lesbian, gay, gay and transgender domestic abuse support service providers who serve that community in regard to domestic violence, and to provide brochures specific to lesbian, gay , bisexual, and transgender domestic abuse

Completed notarize forms can be mailed to the

Secretary of State

Domestic Partners Registry

P.O. Box 942877

Sacramento, CA 94277-0001

or delivered in person for over the counter processing to the Sacramento office or to the Secretary of states Los Angeles regional office

Officiate Ceremony - $325.00
Ceremony includes
  • Visit with Minister at your home, office or public meeting place.
  • Perform non-denominational ceremony within the County of San Diego
  • Complete personalized script for your ceremony
  • Keepsake Certificate of Ceremony
  • Beautifully printed copy of your ceremony vows
  • Notarization of Declaration of Domestic Partnership Form
  • Registered Delivery of your paperwork to the Secretary of State
Just purchase the package and contact us with some basic information.  No charges will be made to your card until appointment is complete.